Fully automated
real-time surveillance

Surveillance zones are defined using pipeline way-points and width of the individual zone, each with event triggers which are automatically activated when any unusual activity is triggered near the pipe line area & vessels approach the zone. Within the zones all vessel activities are logged, and depending on the type of event, watch standing operators are notified by a message on display or by SMS/email. Likewise, watch standing officers at vessels are automatically notified by AIS messages.

Adaptable filters minimize false positive alarms, e.g. alarms caused by vessels with legitimate presence in the surveillance zone and normal, regular traffic, also alarms are caused when the system sees any kind of unauthorized activity or pressure drop in the pipe line, the system triggers the Active operator intervention and direct communication via e.g. VHF is only required in situations where a vessel continues to show direct abnormal behavior (a contingency situation), or if the probability of violation is high

The EAPPS graphical user interface provides operators with a complete operational picture of the pipeline protection zone and defined surveillance zones, and all the AIS-equipped vessels in the area

Intelligent event detection

The event trigger within the surveillance zone is powered by the Ere Aerospace Intelligent Event Detector, a probabilistic approach based on a variety of vessel parameters for the accurate detection of the events and derivatives, and the event thresholds required to balance automation and operator intervention

Integrated surveillance intelligence/statistics

Based on the logs and events captured in the system, the system can trigger automatic preventive maintenance on repetitive and defined intervals.