Our state of the art (EAPSS)

Ere Aerospace Pipeline

Surveillance Solution, has

been designed for active protection.

It has been designed for providing timely and precise response to potential threats to offshore & onshore pipeline infrastructures, and offers the following direct benefits

Minimizes damage to pipelines through increased awareness

Vessels approaching and entering the protection zones are automatically notified and warned in case they show evidence of contingency or potentially violating behavior. Alerting the potential threats on the on shore pipelines through various methods

Low operational costs

A high degree of system automation reduces active operator intervention to a minimum

Optimizes inspection and preventive maintenance efforts

Accurate, integrated surveillance statistics provide the business intelligence required to focus efforts on the sections of the pipeline with the highest probability of damage.

Increases probability of identification

Surveillance intelligence provides the best possible evidence for correlating the occurrence of damages with identifiable vessels & Pipelines.

Enables identification of preventive safety measures

Traffic pattern analysis, event type frequencies and locations provide direct decision support for preventive measures at sea level such as placement of AtoNs (Aid to Navigation).