Who we are

Ere Aerospace Ltd., is a Nigerian company developing manned and unmanned aircraft. UAS industrial group operating in the defense, energy and non-energy sectors. Our mission is to identify and solve problems; to enable people, and create value.


Ere Aerospace Ltd seek to deliver cost effective & scalable integrated surveillance solution. Our solution will maximize revenue by delivering client’s requirements in a cost effective manner, maintain good working relationships with partners and provide reliable service


The vision of Ere Aerospace Ltd is to become a leading technology company operating across various industrial sectors, actively involved in value and job creation.

cutting edge solution

Ere Aerospace Ltd.’s Pipeline Surveillance System is indigenously developed to reduce and prevent Oil theft and eliminate pipeline vandalization

Solution summary

Our solution can be used to protect both off and on shore assets. When deployed will save N1.18 billion of oil theft daily, leading to an estimated loss of about N433 billion to the country annually.

The relevance of a surveillance solution is based on evidence indicating that 3rd party damages to oil & gas pipelines and assets do occur despite visual markings on nautical charts and strict legal restrictions in the pipeline protection zones.

Consequently, can the probability of damages be reduced and consequences mitigated? Can online intelligence about vessels approaching, entering and navigating in the protection zones be used to increase awareness? Can traffic statistics help focusing inspections and preventive maintenance? Can standard pressure ranges & related intelligence on the pipe lines help to prevent stealing & vandalism?

We provide the best of surveillance solution, designed specifically for the needs of both onshore & offshore oil & gas pipeline operators is readily at hand from Ere Aerospace Ltd. The solution is developed based on the proven AIS (Automatic Identification System) and GIS technology which is implemented at coast guards, maritime authorities and ports worldwide.